Nuch Smooth Royal In North of Torrosly

Født 2000   Norsk Champion
Eier Siv Tone Tobiassen



Smooth Delicious



Raynoor Wait A Tick

INT FIN EST PORT NUCH EUW-94 NORDW-97 NV-99 Baubon’s Oklahoma Oliwer

Gaatzigan Jilly


Toonie-Loves Smooth Harmony


Dalimattas Monday Morning

Fairilines Fit For Dancing


Smooth Mystery Minx
of Torrosly


INT NUCH NV-92 Don Delaney the smooth of Torrosly

INT NUCH Clearmount Turnmeloose

NUCH NV-88 Yanka

NUCH Celina the
smooth of Torrosly

INT NUCH Sunsweet   Love   Me Tender

NUCH NV-88 Yanka